In English, please!

Hey there,

my name is Natali and on my blog I present easy to cook and bake recipes. Whoever has a few kitchen skills will be able to cook and bake those recipes as well. I’m not a cook nor a photographer, so none of my recipes nor photos claim perfection at any time.

Nevertheless, this blog is mainly held in German and will probably remain so. However, once in a while I will also add a shorter version in English to specific recipes. The only thing you will have to do then, is to click on the title of that specific article and scroll down to the bottom of it. There you will find the instructions in English.

In order to highlight those German/English recipes, I will name the title in both languages. Also, in the left-side bar of the home menu you will find a collection of all English recipes, simply by clicking on the category „In English, please“.

If you notice a recipe, that does not hold instructions in English but you would like a translation for, just leave a comment under that specific recipe, and I will add the English instructions subsequently.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I do.

Happy cooking and baking!

Yours, Natali ♥

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